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  Lee Wilson

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Rebel on Pointe

    Rebel on Pointe

     A Memoir of Ballet and Broadway


   In this uplifting memoir, Lee Wilson describes how she grand jetéd from the stifling suburbs of 1950s Delware into the opera house of Europe and onto the Broadway stage.  


"Wilson has a gift for telling stories...Rebel on Pointe is one terrific read that fans of all ages will enjoy for its clear storytelling, historic perspectives and histrionic characters from someone who lived to see the status of women greatly elevated, and who was herself a part of that story.” -- Dean Speer for Critical Dance

"Best of the Best” -- Association of American University Presses

“Touching and beautiful; Lee Wilson is an inspiration to us all for finding a passion in life and moving beyond familial pressures and societal norms.” -- Zippora Karz, former soloist, New York City Ballet

"The culture of the ballet world is divulged in all its glorious detail. Wilson's compelling account of her training and career shows the true courage and persistence this profession requires.” -- Ali Duffy, founder and choreographer, Flatlands Dance Theatre 

"Lee brings to her writing the same keen intelligence she brought to her dancing. It is a joy to relive some of the important moments of ballet history with her, and to empathize with her as she uses her dance career to gain the independence and freedom she perceived as lacking for women like her mother, only one generation earlier.” -- Maina Gielgud, former director, The Australian Ballet

"Will make you laugh and cry. Rebel on Pointe is a book that everybody should read if they’re interested in ballet or the entertainment industry." -- Movieguide

"A fascinating personal account of a world that most people will never experience.” -- WEHO

"This compelling story takes us on the journey from youthful inspiration through a professional career as a Broadway singer/dancer. Her early foray into the world of ballet is both inspirational and heartbreaking.” -- The Gypsy Chorus

"Her story of taking classes alongside Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, being mentored by Native American ballet star Rosella Hightower and later dancing on Broadway, is captivating....Her tales of life as a young ballerina in Europe make one want to read similar musings on the rest of her career. Let’s hope there’s a sequel in the works.” -- Lisa Jo Sagolla, Mediander (Blog)